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I love a room that smells of sheets that have been out in the sun all day. To recreate that scent, I pack my home with candles, perfumes, flowers, and the anything from the drugstore that smells good. But few know where my fascination with fragrances stems from.

I fell in love with fragrances the first time I stepped into a spa at an upscale hotel. Who knew that lemongrass, basil, and spearmint oils could smell like heaven? It was those aromas which beckoned and allowed me to slip my tired self into a serene state of wellness.

If you’ve ever been enamoured with the aroma of a spa during your visit, you know what follows next. You end up spending way too much on organic candles and oils when you’re checking out only to realise that you can’t sustain that kind expenditure month after month.

Something had to give. That’s why I rounded up some of the most reasonable, long-lasting, customizable and (partly) DIY solutions that really work.With a little extra attention, you don’t need to book an appointment at a spa to create relaxing vibes in the very room where the magic happens.

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Ready to create your own spa-like sanctuary? Keep reading to learn how to up your bedroom bliss.



One of my favourite ways to aromatize a room is with a Muji. Now, unless you’re a traveller or a fragrance junkie, you’ve probably have no idea what a “Muji” is. Yes, it’s Japanese (as its name sounds), but no, it’s not the name of a sushi dish.

An essential oil diffuser to beat all other essential oil diffusers, the Muji is a game changer. I discovered it in 2013, when I took a serendipitous Jet Blue flight to New York, that landed in the only JFK terminal with a MUJI store. The storefront was full of sleek, white cylinders that emanated fragrant puffs into the air. What was this magic?


Made by a Japanese home and lifestyle company that prides itself on minimalist products, the Muji is one of the most potent essential oils diffusers on the market. It emits a stream of sweet-smelling (but not cloying) mist, bathes your home in soft romantic light, and brings a special level of zen to your space.

Buying a Muji is an investment, but it saves you a ton of money in the long run, because you no longer have to shell out on other solutions. Even better, you can customize the way your home smells by mixing essential oils together, or buying pre-packaged blends.



Get a readymade sachet bag or make your own out of two pieces of fabric sewn or glued together, and load it with a combination of your favourite scents.


For the filling, you can choose to create a pot pourri of herbs and flowers, or, if you’re looking for a scent you might not be able to find in a dried plant simply mix a few drops of essential oil into some rice. Follow your nose and don’t be afraid to try whatever wacky combinations you can think of!

Then simply pull the drawstrings (or tie a ribbon bow to one end of your sachet), and place it in your draw, pillow, couch cushions, or any other porous surface.



Reed diffusers can be expensive, but you don’t have to shell out for a DIY version using grocery-bought skewers, some essentials oils, a bit of vodka (or rubbing alcohol), water, and a glass or ceramic container with a narrow top opening.


Combine 1/4 cup warm water, 1/4 cup vodka, and 20 drops essential oil(s) of your choice, swirl the mixture, and pour it into a narrow-necked container (glass bottles, vases, and small jugs all work).

Swirl the mixture a bit, and drop in 4-5 bamboo skewers for that exotic, pervasive spa scent.

Stuck on scents? Here are some combinations we love:

Jasmine + lemon
Orange + anise + cedarwood
Sassafras + rosemary
Geranium + peppermint
Lavender + oregano

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