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I am neither conflicted nor dishonest about the power of beauty.

Like most women,  I enjoy what a good lipstick does for me and what happens to my confidence when I slip into a beautiful dress. And yet when I wake up in the morning: bad breath, rumpled hair, with no makeup to tell me sweet lies in the mirror, I still feel like myself;  a woman who is growing older but who for the most part feels fulfilled even when the uncertainty about life and  loss washes over me.

That’s why  I wanted to make this video about beauty.

Yes. Yes. We all know that looks matter, at times, a great deal. I have read a ton of studies and even more beauty magazines than I care to admit,  and they all speak the same language.  “The more attractive a woman is, the wider her pool of romantic partners and range of opportunities in her work and day-to-day life.” And  the evidence also indicates that we (men particularly so) are wired to respond to beauty which is nature’s shorthand for healthy, fertile with strong reproductive capacity.

So maybe it isn’t it all about aesthetics. And yet it all fades. Whether we like it or not, beauty cannot forever be bought at the Clarins  counter or  perpetually injected into our butts or breasts. Whether we like it or not,  40 will never be the new 20, and  50 is a long stretch from  25.

Maybe the hope that beauty editorials tells us comes in a jar, should really come from within.

I was taught  as a young girl that to be intelligent, to laugh wholeheartedly, to enter a room with confidence,  to be compassionate and give generously,  those were the things that made me beautiful. As  a woman I still feel very much  the same.

I hope you are inspired by this video and if you are please share it with your friends, your daughters, your mothers and the women in your life.

Happy Mother’s Day.

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