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Ever since I was sixteen I’ve been taking care of my skin. My mom made skincare a priority and I actually sometimes would swipe large goops of her Oil of Olay moisturiser when she wasn’t looking. Today, I do the same ritual that she once did and I’ve created some of my own.

In this video I’ll show you what has worked for my skin over the past few years: including a coconut oil cleanse, a nightly facial massage and some self-care affirmations. Although my routine is not for everyone and I’m no expert, I can tell you that my skin looks and feels healthy.

Thank-you mom for not saying a word about all those missing lotion bottles. What’s your skincare routine? Please share it in the comment box below.

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  • Yvonne Dennis

    Hi Judette,i use Aveeno or Simple face product,i use a tsp of brown sugar with a little of the face wash,then toner and finally moisturise,my face feels and looks great.

    • judette

      Such wonderful tips Yvonne, thanks so much

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