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To say that exercise is  a big  part of Michelle Sturge White’s life is an understatement so it’s no wonder that this fitness enthusiast  lists her collection of high performance exercise wear among her favourite items in her closet. Training, she told interviewer Natalie Alcantara, allows her clothing  to fit her body better but more importantly its  is the well from which her confidence and good health springs.

Now excuse us, we just stared at her picture again.  Time to  hit the gym.

Why is it important to create your own personal style?  

I think having a personal style accentuates your identity and sets you apart from all others. It gives you more confidence, you look and feel good.

What are the three things in your closet that you could never get rid of? 

I refuse to part with my sheer gold halter I bought from Meiling over 10 years ago as well as silvery grey high-waisted, silk flared trousers from Claudia Pegus.  Every time I wear these pieces I feel sexy and they have never failed me. Not to mention exercise clothes and sneakers, I can’t get rid of those!

Have you taken fashion risks as your style evolved? 

Many years ago I took a lot of fashion risks and the outfits I wore back then set the stage for where I am today.  Typically I don’t wear what’s in style only what  I look and feel good in, I like timeless and classic pieces, and many times risqué pieces.

How would you advise someone to begin to identify their fashion voice and signature style?

Start by having an understanding of the inner you and what you really want, think of your taste, lifestyle, interests, desires, inspirations and aspirations. Thumb through fashion magazines and see what you gravitate towards. When you’re shopping, be brave, try on different clothes.

From where or whom do you get your style inspiration? 

My body has been my source of inspiration over the years. I have trained hard and have seen how a well-toned body makes clothes look and fit better. Additionally, having modeled for quite a number of years, I have learned what looks good on me and what doesn’t, and it also allowed me to experiment with different looks, making it easier to take fashion risks.

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