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Chances are you can get a better grip of where your money goes from month to month. Maybe you’ve subscribed to at least a few services that automatically withdraw money from your bank account each month. Think magazine subscriptions, gym memberships, streaming services like Hulu and Netflix, music services like Spotify, dating sites like eHarmony, website hosting fees, credit monitoring services, and extra cloud storage space. The list goes on and it can put a whopping dent in your monthly budget.

To avoid the pile up of unwanted fees you’ve got to figure out what you’re being charged for and add these fees to your spending plan instead of watching the money go poof. While you’re at it, take stock of what you’re actually using and cancel whatever you don’t use often enough to justify charges. Try using an app like Trim, which connects your credit card to find all your subscriptions and recurring charges, and then sends you texts to tell you how much you’re paying. The app even cancels services for you if you want.

Ah! Technology, most of the times you just have to love it, especially when it allows you to stay on top of your budget.

Source: Daily Worth

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