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Our  first experience, Cocktails and Conversations: “If Not Now, When?”  begins with a very simple  idea: that women over 40 have amazing experiences and  inspiring stories to tell, and it would serve us all if they shared them.

We assembled an amazing cast of creative entrepreneurs, thought provokers, doers and thinkers for our October 2nd event and  and we  challenged them: serve us your best soul food, the kind that awakens dreams long forgotten, the kind that will encourage us to live the lives we imagine.

Here’s a sample of what each speaker will deliver

  • (MALENE BARNETT, NEW YORK CITY, PRESIDENT OF MALENE B STUDIOS)  Unlock your authentic power and use it to create the relationship, career, impact and larger creative contributions you’ve always yearned for.
  • (MARIA DANIEL, PARTNER AT ERNST & YOUNG) Combat the “recession of the mind” and break through negative financial patterns hindering your dreams.
  • (DIANNE HUNT, CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR & FOUNDER OF DIANNE’S TEA SHOP) Connect with your intuition and access your inner purpose and guidance, and learn why radical trust in yourself is essential to life
  • (SHARON CHRISTOPHER, LEADERSHIP CONSULTANT AT SHARON CHRISTOPHER AND ASSOCIATES) Awaken, honour and claim your genuine feminine leadership in a masculine, power driven world.

To find out more about the speakers, the Experience  and of course to get your tickets at 20% off for a limited time only, head on over to

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