Of Course You Can Look Great in Your Cut Off Jeans…But

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You’re over forty and wondering if you can get away with cut off jeans and not look like you’re trying too hard. We say yes! But there are a few things to keep in mind.

1)   Find the length that is most flattering for your shape. If you’ve got slim legs then you can pull off a longer shorts, a more abbreviated style looks best on curvy figures.

2)  If you’re wearing a long shorts you can keep the top slightly more bare and the shoe can be higher. With a shorter cutoff—and we’re by no means talking about shorts so short the pockets show on the bottom (leave those for  your children)—it is best to keep the shoe flat and the top modest.

3)  Keep  your problem areas covered by taking your shape into account.

4) You can also keep the  distressing on your jeans to  a minimum, depending on your own comfort level.

cutoff shortsAs with most looks that your  children are also wearing, it’s all about how you carry yourself. If you can wear a shorter cutoff with sophistication and confidence, then all the power to you—no matter what your age.

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