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Clothing Hacks Every Curvy Woman Should Know

APRIL 21, 2017

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Women should love their shapes more and not treat them as problems. In fact, if you see the fit and style of your clothes as the issue, and not your body (whether thin or heavy set), then the best part of your battle in the mirror, is won.

Still, there’s one secret weapon in your style arsenal that you should never neglect – the relationship you have with a seamstress. They are the ones who create magic, transforming all the ill-fitting clothes you thought you’d wear into customised fashion pieces, with just a few tweaks.

Taking your trousers up or down, tightening or loosening waistbands, shortening sleeves or changing how a garment skims your skin, makes all the difference in the world.

Here are 5 hacks you can talk to your seamstress about. Yes! It’s time to pull all those clothes you haven’t worn in years from the back of your closet, and flaunt your curves in style.


Your Perfect Shirt

The perfect shirt is not an elusive thing, I swear. Here’s a simple solution you can try: buy a shirt one size larger – stay with me, I promise this is not crazy – and have it tailored to you perfectly. If you have a large bust, have bust darts put in. Suddenly, the girls will have shape.

As for the gaping hole that falls just between the top and middle part of your chest, ask your seamstress to have a hook and “eye,” or snap fasteners put in secretly around the buttons in the chest area. This will help the shirt lie flat across your chest.


Your Perfect Skirt

Large shapeless skirts are like sacks. Young girls can probably get away with the hippie look, but if you want more structure (Oh! Don’t for a minute think we don’t believe in channeling ‘hippiness’) then you can have it shape your body better by taking it in along the side or the back, for a more flattering fit around the thighs and bottom.

If your backside is flat, have your skirt adjusted along the back seam to give it the illusion of shape.


Your Perfect Trousers

The perfect pair of trousers does exist, but sometimes, not at the store you’re browsing. Have you ever tried on a pair of pants and find the waist too big but the hips perfect? Don’t toss it. You should always think hips first, waist later.

A seamstress can easily take in your trouser’s waist at the back vertical seam or at the sides for a perfect fit. Oh! here is the best part I learnt from one of my favourite designers, Meiling. When you take your trousers to be altered, always bring the shoes you’re most likely to wear them with, in order to get the perfect length.


Your Perfect Jacket

Think, sleep, and dream shoulders. Everything else is easy and affordable to adjust. When buying a jacket make sure the shoulders fit first. Sleeve length is simple to change.

Years of working with seamstresses and designers have taught me about the utilitarian nature of bulldog clips. They are often used in the industry to clip a jacket at the back or on either side of the back seams, to make it appear figure-hugging around the waist and give it more form. You can achieve the same effect, minus the clips of course, by having a jacket decreased around the back seam. It’s an inexpensive fix that makes a huge difference.


Your Perfect “Camouflage”

This is for all the full figured women out there: consider clothes that skim rather than cling, but please don’t make them too baggy. The curves you own are a beautiful thing, so show them off.

There are so many affordable fashion labels making clothes for full-figured women. Tunic tops are lovely, but women are also flaunting crop tops (showing a tiny bit of stomach) with high waisted skirts, and shirts are being tucked into wide legged trousers rather than having them loose. Style is all about the structure of your garments and not your size.


We love that this is the new age of body positivity and if a store doesn’t have the clothes that fit you, in the style you want, then talk to your seamstress or head to another one. Google happens to be our favourite!

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