Fashion: One Dress Four Different Ways

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Whether or not you love fashion, knowing how to take one basic piece and make it the epicentre of a myriad of looks is quite a skill. Think Kate Middleton and how she’s often seen wearing the same piece over and over again but each time putting a different twist on it.

The advantage of having one piece and wearing it a ton of different ways is that you can save money, stretch your creative mojo and make your wardrobe staples go some extra miles.

Of course finding the right staple is key.

That why this simple black shift dress is a piece I wear again and again to run errands, go out for dinner, hop on a plane or visit a friend. There are many details about the dress that makes it special like its lace trimming, its satin silk feel and its dipped neckline, all of which I use these to my advantage to create these four looks.

I hope you are inspired and please, tell me in the comment box below how versatile you get with your own special pieces.


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