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I come bearing some pretty terrific news  — we’re tweaking our microsite for our first Experience, and with lots of hard even harder prayers, our event microsite should be live by the end of the month.

But that’s not the only part that’s pretty terrific.

Our site will be able to accept all credit cards so without leaving the comfort of your home you can register, download and purchase your tickets for Cocktails and Conversations, “If Not Now When,” on October 2nd at Drew Manor.

I’m so excited about the idea of bringing together talented, amazing women to meet in a beautiful space, listen to inspiring talks, sample exquisite cuisine from award winning Chef Deborah Metivier, while connecting and building transformative relationships with each other and most importantly with ourselves.

The cast of speakers is led by Malene Barnett of New York City. I interviewed Malene for this piece on our blog and by the middle of our conversation, my pores raised. I knew that she was Forward Forty’s feature speaker.


Malene has built an incredible brand from the ground up. She is a creative entrepreneur, an award-winning designer with a collection of bespoke carpets, fine art wall coverings and artisan tiles. Though artfully trained by leading professionals in the industry, it’s her vibrant upbringing, natural talents and driving ambition that also uniquely groomed her for a life of design.

She was born to Caribbean immigrants in New York City and a young age, Malene endeavored to cultivate the artistic stirrings of her soul. In 1996, upon graduating at the top of her class from FIT, she secured her first employment opportunity as a fabric designer. A few short years later, she became Nourison’s first in-house designer creating rugs sold in Bed Bath & Beyond, Macy’s and Home Depot. All the while, Malene personally continued her artistic expeditions around New York City, where she found inspiration in cultural communities, like the Senegalese vendors in Harlem. This only sharpened her desire for an immersive cultural experience, and so she flew abroad and never looked back. She visited Ghana on a cultural exchange program in 1995, and in 2000, she set out on a three-month backpacking tour through Southeast Asia. To date, Malene has toured over 25 countries.

Inspired by her travels, armed with experience of a successful career in design, and driven by the desire to build a design platform for her global artistry, Malene boldly launched the Malene B brand in 2005, grew to attract the gaze of the luxury market, and fashioned a client base of sophisticated tastemakers with a deep appreciation for her globally-minded creations. Among these are Saks Fifth Avenue, Chatsworth Building, The Astor – Luxury Residential, Revel Hotel, The Baystone Hotel in Mauritius, Duke University, Avalon and Arianna Huffington.

Malene says, “you should do what speaks to your soul,” and her conversation with us on October 2nd will centre on her journey to unlocking her authentic power and how she used it to create the relationship, career, impact and larger creative contributions she’d always yearned for.

If you are doing your life but there is something inside you that says, “I wish I could….”, if you still feel as if you have unique gifts that remain unlocked, this particular conversation will provide the keys.

I’ve barely scratched the surface with the things we have planned on October 2nd at Drew Manor but I’ve just realized that this is by far the longest editorial I’ve ever written. It must be all the joy and excitement.

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening lovelies, Monday comes around way too soon.

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