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There’s nothing more fun than sitting in a chair and having one  amazing makeup artist- Melissa Deane– create a gorgeous shimmer to my face. It’s like the calm  before the storm because we’re shooting six videos today and this definitely  is going to be the more relaxed part of my day.

Shoot days are by no means easy: sets have to be prepped, the shots on the storyboard have to be delivered as precisely as we hope,  I have to remember what I intend to say, and with a very tiny team, we all play multiple roles. So the very  last thing I want to  do is worry how my makeup will look when the camera lights go on.

Today, I told the uber talented Melissa that we should go for gorgeous glam and she decided highlights were the perfect way to achieve this. Not only does she nail it, she’ll  also show you exactly how she did it.

I hope you are inspired.


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