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Today I am thankful because I am so inspired by this wonderful movement we are forming here on this page.

When I began Forward Forty over three months ago, I saw it simply as a means to document a journey. Yes, it had something to do with me embracing getting older but it also had much more to do with making the process of ageing, something we all are undergoing, less fearful and more celebratory.

The fact is when I looked around and saw other women in their 40s, and even older in their 50 and 60s I found that we looked fundamentally different from women in previous generations.

  • We don’t see ourselves as invisible.
  • We feel vibrant.
  • We remain connected through social channels.

IHAM Grateful 2

And even as we raise families or care for ageing parents we are doing work that inspires us. We are pursuing our passions and making them priorities.

With that recognition, the idea for Forward Forty was born and without much ado we are now on Facebook almost 10,000 strong (at the time of writing) with a super-engaged following on the blog.

So today I wanted to say thank you, to express my gratitude for each post you’ve shared, every comment you’ve made and every idea you have incorporated into your own lives.

I am aware of the responsibility and the opportunity. I intend to take Forward Forty places and I really would like if you stuck around for the joy.

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