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Every bride, model, and artiste’s fairy godmother, Melissa Jones is the owner and chief stylist at So You Beauty Bar, a one stop beauty shop and styling center in Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago. The daughter of a stylist herself, Melissa has over 20 years of experience working with hair. At 17, after a brief apprenticeship at a leading salon in Trinidad, Melissa earned her own chair in yet another premier salon, where she worked alongside celebrated stylists for years. Eight years ago, Melissa branched out on her own, and opened So You Beauty Bar, where she cuts, styles, colours, and transforms any and all types of hair (wigs included!)

My sister loves it. My best friend changes it whenever she has a break up. My Aunt tells me I should be more adventurous with it. But here I am, with a body that does not do what it once used to, to tell you that I am pretty happy with my hair.

I’m lucky, I guess. I stayed away from most of the chemical, streaky, kaleidoscopic things that women do from the time they leave high school, opting instead, for more than 15 years, to keep it natural. So while I’ve noticed that the follicles that spring from my scalp do so more gingerly now, my hair, for the most part, has remained somewhat thick.

This is not the reality for most women, including celebrities like the stunning Christie Brinkley, a 70s model who made recently made the cover of Sports Illustrated with her daughters, and boldly announced that she wears weaves.

While the women who grew up admiring her flawless beauty and long golden locks gasped collectively, there was a myriad of other women who understood and sympathized.

Hair loss over 40 sucks! First it’s our skin, then our bodies, and now our hair? Whatever do we do?

Enter stylist and longtime girl pal Melissa Jones, who knows a thing or two (or hundred) about hair. Known for her immense talent, bold hair choices, and a killer personality, Melissa is a veteran stylist who has taken the time to really study hair.

In our first Hair Talk, Melissa drops some serious wisdom about taking care of your tresses as  you age.

From undergoing regular trims and deep conditioning treatments, to practicing protective styling and staying away from harsh chemicals, Melissa gave us an arsenal of helpful tips to keep in mind when dealing with age-related hair hiccups.

Click play to watch some of Melissa’s tried and tested recommendations on caring for your hair past 40.



Give your hair the best shot it has at growing healthy and strong as you age by adding supplements to your diet. Melissa recommends taking daily doses of of  biotin and collagen as a surefire way of remedying age-related hair issues. Our favourite food sources? Salmon, walnuts, oysters, sweet potatoes, eggs, lentils, spinach, greek yogurt and blueberries.

Both naturally occurring substances, biotin is responsible for maintaining your hair shaft’s thickness and strength, while collagen is responsible for maintaining your hairs’ volume and bounce. Unfortunately, aging depletes the levels of both substances in our body, causing hair loss, thin strands, and lackluster locks.

If over-the-counter supplements of concentrated biotin and collagen or combination pills – multivitamins with elevated levels of both substances – aren’t your thing, try Melissa’s option and increase your intake of biotin and collagen-rich foods to give your tresses the TLC the deserve.



While most women shy away from trimming their hair because of scarring incidents with overzealous hairstylists who may have chopped off a couple of inches more than we bargained for, Melissa recommends trimming your hair regularly – as frequently as every month – for optimum results.

“Treat your hair like you would your nails. We don’t trim our nails once a year; we do it every other week. The ends of your hair is the oldest part of your hair. Trimming it keeps the body of your hair fresh. Don’t wait until the end has dried and frayed, and the fracture carries itself right up your shaft, because then, we’ll have to cut even more,” she said.



As women age, our hair tends to lose some of its natural moisture and luster. The easiest way to remedy this and add shine back into your hair is to undergo regular deep conditioning treatments to penetrate the hair shaft far more than the everyday commercialised conditioner can. Melissa recommends laying off harsh chemicals, and investing in monthly or bi-monthly deep conditioning treatments.

If you don’t want to opt for professional services (and the attached price tag), opt for at home deep conditioning treatments. It’s as simple as concocting a mask out of natural, rich ingredients like honey, oils, egg whites, or avocado, and voilà, you have  silken, soft strands again.



Unless explicitly necessary, keep your aging tresses as far away from harsh chemicals (dyes, bleaches, etc) as you can. Your youth may have been able to tolerate that platinum dye job, but your over 40 locks will certainly show some damage.

If you do have dyed hair, Melissa recommends extending the length of time between root touchups. “Instead of going straight for the standard chemical products, try using topical treatments like mascara, and temporary hair markers to cover up stray greys around your temple and other visible areas and give you hair time to breathe and grow strong.”



Getting older doesn’t mean that you have to fall into a hairstyle rut and stick with one look for posterity. But it also doesn’t mean monthly visits to the salon to change your hair color with the seasons. Look into wearing a wig instead. They might be a bit of an investment at first, but the returns are enormous. There’s no easier, more hassle-free way to switch up your look, conceal problematic areas, and protect your natural growth, than wearing a wig.

“Your hair is your biggest accessory. It’s the one thing that can change up your entire look. I always tell clients to try different things. Wigs are a great way to makeover yourself with minimal effort and commitment. If you don’t want to take that route, try playing around with temporary colors, hairstyles, braids, textures, tools. Have fun, and live a little!” Melissa added.


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