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A little over two years ago, I became a vegan. Overnight, I gave up my monthly guilty pleasure – chicken wings – (did I say monthly? I meant weekly!) for plates full of healthy versions of my favourite comfort foods. Pizza, cookies, mac n’ cheese; I had it all. And yes, completely dairy and meat-free!

I had dabbled in vegetarianism before, but the lifestyle had never stuck, and so, when I decided to go vegan, I figured the best way to go about it would be to give it up cold turkey.

What it forced me to do was reconnect with my love of cooking. I found myself ruffling through my cookbooks looking for innovative ways to recreate non-vegan dishes. It became one of my favourite creative outlets. Yes, I had moments of weakness where I relied on brands like Daiya for their vegan cheese, and Blue Corn tortilla chips quickly became my kryptonite, but largely, I grew to appreciate the value of cooking and planning out my meals.

Of course, going vegan is not a natural choice to everyone. You might find that your body responds best to diet that’s inclusive of animal products, or that giving up certain indulgences like cheese, bacon, or KFC is too hard. If you love the gym, you might find that going vegan puts a slight damper on your muscle gains. The point is, going vegan was a personal choice. It’s definitely not a one-size-fits-all lifestyle.

But two years and no mishaps later, I can safely say that the decision to go plant-based was one of the most important, impactful decisions I’ve made. Not only has it helped me understand my body more, it has also highlighted how important food choices are.

Instead of indulging in deep-fried, oily foods, for example, I stick to delicious home-cooked meals chock full of nutrients. Thinking of going vegan? You can try veggie chips instead of fries, seared tofu instead of fried chicken, and fruit-infused water instead of sugary drinks.

But the best thing you can do for your body – vegan or not – is to incorporate superfoods into your diet.

I’m not talking about the expensive kind that cost an arm (and then some more). I’m talking about the superfoods our grandmothers and great grandmothers have sworn by – natural elixirs that cleanse, detox, and rejuvenate your body.

In our newest wellness video, I talk about the top three things I consume religiously since going vegan. Nope, they’re not cheese, chocolates, or sugar! They’re heart, head, and bone-healthy pantry staples like turmeric (aka the food of the Gods in my book), apple cider vinegar, and good ol’ seeds.

These miracle foods won’t work in isolation. You definitely have to put in some work. Combine these staples with a proper, healthy diet and a weekly exercise routine, and you’ll be amazed at the results. Expect to see greater mobility in your joints, an increased metabolism, clearer skin, smoother bowel movements, and more!

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Five Benefits Of My Top Three Superfoods

healthy superfood


Increased metabolism

Clearer skin

Healthy digestion

Astringent properties

Antiseptic benefits

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healthy superfood


High in fibre

Rich in heart-healthy fats

Excellent source of protein

Fight cholesterol

High in Omega 3 fatty acids

healthy superfood



Increases antioxidants

Improves brain function

Lowers heart disease

Anti-aging properties

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