How To Totally Rock Your Monochromatic Look

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There’s no easier way to look more polished, chic, or put together, than with a simple monochromatic look. Whether you’re an all-black diva or a pastel queen, there’s nothing that pulls you out of a sartorial rut quicker than an elegant ombre or monotone outfit.

As with every trend, the trick to owning it is to adapt the look to make it relevant to your life and needs, and to customize the garment(s) to suit your own sense of style.


One of our favorite ways to wear monochrome is to pair a soft, luscious cream blouse with a camel safari-esque pantsuit (shout out to Hilary), a taupe hat, and a neutral clutch. Our secret is to add a pair of faux snakeskin shoes embellished with rocker-chic studs that scream #boss to help elongate the torso, create a seamless vertical line, and add a bit of character to the look.


Here are some other tips to keep in mind when donning a head-to-toe shade:


1. When picking a color, choose a neutral shade that isn’t too loud (and distracts from your body and natural beauty) nor too boring. Pastel tones of blue, beige, ivory, gray, camel, and rose gold work great on Caribbean complexions.


2. Play with tones and textures to amp up your style to fashion-forward status. Break up a monotone look with darker hues, contrasting accessories, or patterns in the same color scheme to add depth. Try pairing matte finishes with silks and satins, billowy feminine blouses with sleek, tailored pants, or voluminous jackets with drainpipe leggings. Or pull a Cara Delevingne and mix a sheer blouse with lace detailing with a structure pant and a patent leather pump for extra shine.


3. Bottoms up! Achieve peak chicness with a high-heeled, ankle-strapped stiletto to elongate your shape, add definition to your legs and derriere, and upgrade up a minimal monotone look.


4. Add a statement piece. Whether it’s a bomber jacket, a vintage bag, a standout ring, an Instagram-worthy manicure or some bedazzling jewels, add a pop of color to your monotone outfit for instant glam.

Et voilà, you’re all set to go!

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