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Understanding how to lose weight and eat mindfully are not easy things. More than anything else, it’s a psychological conversation you must have with the person who stares back at you in the mirror. The first requisite is to get into the right mindset and commit to a specific goal. Then comes the actual work, from learning how to say no to the high calorie food you once consumed,  to hauling yourself to the gym when its the last place in the universe you want to be, to being disciplined enough to commit the time to do meal preps.  But the results. Oh! the results are mind blowingly worth it and you can tell just that when my nutritionist  Mweia Elias came over to my place to let me know how I did during my first two weeks of our three month plan to get to my healthiest self.

I was as nervous as a turkey on Christmas Day when she took out her trusty digital scale that measured everything from my weight to my body fat percentage.  I knew I made significant changes to the way I ate  and I could be proud of that,  but I also made some less than stellar choices over the past two weeks because, well, you know, life gets in the way of plans.

In my second weekly update (and first weigh-in since  we began Forward Forty Moves), Mweia and I chat about the importance of personalized nutrition, sticking to a meal plan, and how the scale is not necessarily a measure of your progress. But for sure, my  biggest question was, can you guess it? Did I lose any weight?

Pt 1: Did I Actually Lose Weight?

In the first part of our weekly update, we answer the all-important, million-dollar question – DID I LOSE WEIGHT?

Pt 2: Who Is Mweia Elias?

It helps that Mweia and I share the same energy and enthusiasm for life.  She is the brain behind my food makeover and  the progress I have been making but did you also know that Mweia was once a cancer  research scientist who switched careers because she wanted to have a more immediate impact on the lives of people. I wanted you to get to know her better because she has a fascinating  and integrated approach to food, fitness and wellness.

Pt 3: Why Does Personalised Nutrition Matter?

Ever since I began this journey, I’ve been alerted to the concept of personalised nutrition. Sure, healthy eating maxims like eat more vegetables, limit your sugary foods, and don’t drink fizzy drinks are universal, but adopting a clean lifestyle is so much more than adhering to clichés. Working with Mweia has taught me that different bodies at varying activity levels require different types of food in different proportions to suit their needs.

Nutrition is definitely not a one-size-fits-all.

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