Merry Christmas

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Our lead travel story is written by our contributing editor, Natalie Augustine.  Natalie, who now lives in Paris with her family, has been my friend for over 15 years, ever since we worked in a newsroom together and she plunked down a dozen yellow roses at my work station for my birthday. When I was thinking of this week’s message, I kept going back to Natalie’s piece on how she discovered how to live with an adventuresome spirit. In her article  she harks back to the past and takes us forward, to where she is now in life while anticipating the New Year.


Every end of year brings  with it nostalgia, joy along with some sadness, and we build new dreams that  either disrupts or is rooted in some of our old traditions.

 I am certainly ending 2015 happier than when I started it. Forward Forty allowed me to live more creatively this year, to pinpoint exactly what I love doing and go after it. That tenacity is something I’ve always had. Still, working on your dreams, the ones that take your breath away,  does not come without its challenges or its growing pains but even those allowed me to find  different ways to measure success,  to rediscover my breath and take measured steps.

 I think that why I love Natalie’s message so much because it reminds me that  in every journey, isn’t this what we want? To discover what’s beautiful and in turn, to discover ourselves?

Merry Christmas lovelies.


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