The Three Words You Need To Hear This Week: You’ve Got This

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The Three Words You Need To Hear This Week: You’ve Got This

August 7, 2017

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I hope that you’re enjoying your day, that you’re happy but also that you’re prepping for the week ahead and ready to conquer whatever obstacles you may meet.

Listen, if you’re building a business and feeling scared about the economy, or you work for someone else and you’re feeling stagnated at work, I want you to know that you are not alone.

Today, I want to remind you of a singular truth

It isn’t easy to build a business (God knows). It isn’t easy to step up and vocalize the changes you want from the people you work with. Both involve sleepless nights, negative self-talk, and having to stare your fears down every single day with the hope of making an impact while your money does not run out.

You’re going to have to work hard, really hard, and things will take longer than you anticipate.

Believe me, I know exactly what you’re going through. At the start of the year, I hunkered down and led my team on a journey to monetise Forward Forty that will see four of our passion projects come to life by year’s end.

ONE: Our flagship project, Forward Forty TV will debut on October 29th. The series will feature 13 episodes packed with new stories, great style, out-of-the-box segments, package giveaways, and stellar interviews told in the most imaginative ways.

TWO: Our new series will be directly streamlined from our Facebook page and reside on our new website. We’ve been working with the talented people over at Quoviz Consulting to create a website that is sexy and interactive, clean and creative and focused on the fact that we have become a full fledged digital brand, offering a slew of products and services to be rolled out in 2018.

THREE: This brings me to The Social Media Planner that we’ve created for bloggers, business owners, entrepreneurs, communicators, girl bosses, event planners, ad executives and anyone who is doing social media planning for themselves and for others.

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FOUR: Our last final passion project is the Caribbean Social Media Creative Bundle – a series of customisable image bundles centered around popular global hashtags. We have styled, captioned, and curated editable social images (think flat lays and styled images) that are customised for your pop-up business, solopreneur project, or big business but with a complete Caribbean feel and look.

I’m so proud of what we’ve done. I’m also very scared. What if no one supports our projects? What if the big brands don’t buy into Forward Forty TV? What if the social media planner never sells? The negative chat is as persistent and annoying as a drunk friend at dinner. But it’s the process. And each time I go back to that original singular truth.

There are no shortcuts to excellence and success. Figuring out everything takes talent, time, grit and persistence.

It’s about working on something you care about so much that you’re willing to stay loyal to it and see it through.

What are you being loyal to? How are you fuelling your passion?

Whatever you do, I want you to be courageous in the pursuit of your passion and dedicated to your dream. You’re bigger than your fears. At least that’s what I keep convincing myself.

You’ve got this!

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