My Favourite Cup of Tea

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I begin each weekend (after my morning run and a long soak) with a cup of aromatic rosemary tea. The leaves are picked from the herb garden on my porch where I also grow lemon grass, mint and basil. With a few snips, I begin a process with my rosemary leaves that relax and center me.

That’s the thing about having a strong cup of home brewed tea; it’s like holding a cup of soul in your hands.

My perfect brew involves steeping the rosemary for about 5 minutes before adding a singular cube of cane sugar and then topping it off with some more fresh leaves. The aroma is amazingly pungent and my nose always picks up the undertones of pine and lemon. Rosemary has all sorts of wonderful properties; not only is it rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatories but its also great source of iron, calcium, and vitamin B6. A great deal of healing can be found in a hot cup of tea but I think so too can a great deal of poetry.

Be inspired.

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