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Everything we want is on the other side of persistence.

I was reminded of that yesterday as I was speaking to a writer who is preparing a piece on Forward Forty.

 “What has happened in the two weeks since www.forwardforty.com launched?” she asked. For a moment my mind flashed to all the things that were not working.

 It was 2 degrees in New York City at the time we were speaking and I had just spent many frustrating hours trying  to upload new content onto the site.  Some weird technical glitch at a Manhattan Starbucks where I had plunked myself some hours before defeated me. With that, I began to anguish over all the content that I still had to produce before Christmas and I worried about the expenditure that it took to make everything on set look exactly the way we envision.

 Ahhhh. How easy it is to allow a few bad hours to take us down the rabbit hole where we construct  all sorts of belief systems with glass ceilings.

 And so with the writer’s question I forced myself to recall the beauty of what my tiny team and I were producing week-after- week and the fact that I have some wonderful friends who are helping me along  the way.

 Forward Forty I said to the writer is my life going forward. It affords me all the things I love the most in life: creativity, camaraderie, developing content that resonates. We had over 100,000 people engaging with the website the day it went live and each week since then over 1,000 new women (and a smattering of men)  have joined us on facebook. Our subscriber list is growing and we will hit over 1000 soon. But the thing that has me ridiculously joyful are the comments you share on the page that are inspiring  women in the 40s, 50s and 60s to see their lives in new ways.

 We are on a magnificent journey together. It’s long. It’s thorny but we are shining on and I am grateful. There is so much beauty on the other side of persistence and I can’t wait to meet up with it while enjoying the moments here and now

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