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Every bride, model, and artiste’s fairy godmother, Melissa Jones is the owner and chief stylist at So You Beauty Bar, a one stop beauty shop and styling center in Woodbrook, Trinidad & Tobago. The daughter of a stylist herself, Melissa has over 20 years of experience working with hair. At 17, after a brief apprenticeship at a leading salon in Trinidad, Melissa earned her own chair in yet another premier salon, where she worked alongside celebrated stylists for years. Eight years ago, Melissa branched out on her own, and opened So You Beauty Bar, where she cuts, styles, colours, and transforms any and all types of hair (wigs included!)

Healthy, luscious hair is every woman’s crowning beauty. But as we grow older and reach (or pass) menopause, our bodies change and so does our hair. our strands frail, follicles shrink, and hair loss becomes a natural – but unfortunate – passage of time. Herbal remedies, cosmetic treatments, and chemical additives may slow down or halt the process temporarily, but there is no longterm cure for hair loss.

While we wait (impatiently) for scientists and doctors to figure this one out, there is a simple, affordable, and versatile alternative in the meantime. Yes, we’re talking about wigs.

Readily available in as many colours, shapes, textures, and lengths as the mind can think up, wigs are an easy, hassle-free way to bring back volume and style into your tresses, while switching up your look, protecting your natural hair, and concealing any problem areas.

Wigs are a fun and functional option even if you’re blessed with a full head of hair. They’re low-maintenance and require no commitment, leaving you with room for endless experimentation. Red hair today? Sure! Sleek and straight? Why not! Short and funky? Hell yes!

A great tool for protective styling, a good wig is an afrobella and naturalista’s best friend.

Earlier this year, I decided to take a cue from the Queen of Wigs herself – my twin sister – and invest in some good quality wigs for myself. Thankfully, I had my good friend (and hair goddess to the stars) Melissa Jones of So You Beauty Bar to guide me in buying, styling, and rocking my wig. Here’s what we came up with!



  • Prep your wig with a heat protecting spray
  • Grab your best flat iron and go to town with it
  • Style the ends of the tips outwards, for subtle face-framing layers
  • Add a few strokes of a teasing brush or a backcombing comb around the top of the crown
  • Finish off with a setting hair spray


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  • Prep your wig with a heat protecting spray
  • Create a simple french braid around the hairline on both sides of the hair part
  • This is great for assimilating the wig with your natural hair
  • Simply divide a small portion of the hair into three sections, begin a braid, and gradually add more hair to each section as it crosses in from the side into the center of the braid structure
  • Secure each each french braid with an elastic band at the nape of the neck, towards the underside of the wig
  • Slightly tug outwards at each section of the braid, to give it some volume
  • Then, using a curling iron or a flat iron, create gentle, beachy waves to complete this effortless look



  • Prep your wig with a heat protecting spray
  • Tease the wig at the roots to add volume to the whole updo
  • Separate the front half of the hair from the back portion
  • Divide the back portion into three sections
  • Tie each section into a ponytail
  • Twist each ponytail into a knot and secure with bobby pins and hairspray
  • Separate small sections from the untied part of the hair (the front) and pull them into the back
  • Place each small section artistically over the knotted ponytails by looping, twirling, or overlapping them with other pieces of hair
  • Secure firmly with bobby pins and firm hairspray
  • Tease the hair left at the crown for a bouffant look, and leave a couple of soft tendrils running down the sides of the face



  • Prep your wig with a heat protecting spray
  • Wind small sections of hair tightly around a curling wand
  • Release the coil and hold it in place with clips
  • Repeat until the whole wig has been curled and clipped
  • Let the entire wig cool and firm in place for around 10-15 minutes
  • Spray hairspray (choose one with a medium hold) sporadically
  • Pull out all clips, and work each curl loose. Shake the wig for a less coiffed look and more natural curls
  • Tease small sections of hair at the crown with a teasing brush to add volume to the look


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