The Pursuit Of The Perfect Sports Bra

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For most curvy women, the hardest part of exercising is finding the right sports bra to help support the girls and stop them from weighing you down during your workout. Most times, the limited choices you have are one of the following:

  1. The dreaded uni-boob sports bra that compresses your breasts into one bulbous mass
  2. The straitjacket bra that suffocates and constricts your movements
  3. The shovel bras that digs into your body and puts excessive strain on your back and shoulders
  4. The slingshot bra that merely stretches to accommodate your breasts while providing no support 

If you’re unlucky – and I’m sure we’ve all been at some point – you might even get a combination – a uni-boob-straightjacket-shovel bra contraption that constricts your movements to the point of suffocation.  

Breathing, let alone exercising and jumping around can become a chore at that point. So it’s no wonder that many larger-chested women shy away from high-impact, multi-directional exercises like running, jumping rope, aerobics.

Frustrated and in need of a good sports bra, I visited Kieran Valley, a  financial  expert turned entrepreneur of Underpinnings, an intimate lingerie boutique in Trinidad and Tobago.

Boy, was I in for a surprise. Not only did I manage to find a bra that was supportive, but one that was comfortable, sexy, and flattering!

Watch the video to find out what Kieran’s top four tips are to help you find the perfect sports bra.

About Kieran Valley

A financial wizard, Kieran is a former Fulbright Scholar, CFA and MBA holder who now runs Underpinnings, an intimate, speciality lingerie boutique in Woodbrook, Trinidad. Armed with the mission to “not just sell pretty lingerie but empower women to look and feel their best every single day,” Underpinnings sells undergarments that fit and complement a woman’s unique body and style preferences.

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