Why You Should Take Advantage of Your Weekend Morning

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I take my work very seriously. But I also pleasure well. My staff  will tell you that I twirl around the office, can’t hear a beat without  getting up to dance and on my non-client days I’ll ditch    my suit for sportswear. My friends too have their own stories, that  I like nothing more than hanging out on my porch under a big,  new moon laughing and talking about everything and nothing. In  fact a longtime love once said that whoever I settled with in life  had to make me feel joyful. He was correct.

You see, I believe in the yin and yang of life. I used to put in 17-hour days until I got sick and had a personal WTF moment. Now I’m conscious of just living in the now. That’s a good thing. It prevents anxiety and makes me more appreciative.

Just yesterday I was telling my girlfriend, Andrea, that its not that I pop happy pills or at times don’t get extremely sad. It’s just that I have limited tolerance for negative people, conversation or situations. I’m constantly shifting toward the light even though at times I feel pain. It’s a gift and a key reason why I revised my morning routine this year so I could bring pleasure into how I started my day. Before I hurried through my protein shake if I did have breakfast. Then there was the candy-like pleasure of checking my phone 10 times in 10 minutes while juggling emails and getting to work 2 hours before the first employees walked through the door.

No more!

Now just waking up in the right mind, being able to put my feet on the floor, to breathe, shower, take care of my body, is heaven. Then I move on to the simple things that I love. A steaming cup of hot chocolate, with the perfect oat creamer. Pleasure. Going for a run. Pleasure. Meditating. Pleasure. Listening to my breath. Pleasure. Playing with my dog who I literally picked up from a beach more dead than alive. Pleasure. Reading and talking to the people I love first thing in the morning. Pleasure.

Joy cometh in the morning and 2016 saw me making a ritual out of it.

That’s why we shot this video of my morning routine (see below) and while what you see is what happens on a weekend when I have loads of time, I take snippets from it for the week as well.

Doing something small every morning, something just for me brings purpose and pleasure to my day. Having done this every day for the year I’ve learned that pleasure is energy reciprocated. What you put out comes back and I’m determined to put out the good.

Photo: Natalie Augustin

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