How To Build Your Travel Capsule Wardrobe

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I’m a big believer that if you’re packing for business and pleasure you should boil your actions down to  good old  fashion math i.e. you should pack versatile basics that can be layered, mixed, and matched as well as those that can go from day to night.  And to be really successful at it, you might want to consider a colour palette as I did in this travel capsule below.

Here are a few tips that are useful, no matter what pieces you decide to pack. Make sure that what’s in your suitcase:

1)   Works well together and can be mixed or matched

2)   Suits a temperature range; the weather is unpredictable most days in many major cities

3)    Acts like a wardrobe chameleon.  My white t-shirt, for instance, can  be worn alone, under a jacket for a meeting or to bed for a casual but sexy look

4)   Is wrinkle free

I know whittling down your outfits is hard  to do,  it is far too easy to add “just one more shirt” or “just one more pair of pants” when you travel and end up with an extremely heavy suitcase which you invariably regret on the return trip. I’ve read that a great capsule wardrobe of just 10 pieces can give you over 40 outfits, I get stuck at about 22-25 but still that’s more than enough.

I hope you are inspired.

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    Thanks Judith great advice.

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