Some DIY Uses Of Coconut Oil

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Today, the coconut is experiencing a rebirth of colossal proportions, and is being touted as the one-stop-shop and cure-all for everything from bad breath and musty pits to (supposedly) Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and diabetes. While the jury might be out on its medicinal properties, coconut oil has definitely revolutionised the home beauty industry, thanks to a bevy of bloggers, DIY-ers, and beauty mavens who have endorsed the humble fruit as nature’s very own Sephora (albeit a lot more affordable!).

A tub of coconut oil can go a long way as a shaving cream alternative, a highlighter, moisturiser, makeup remover, hair mask, lip scrub, deodorant, or massage oil. Not to mention its age-defying, anti-fungal and soothing properties, which make it an all-round beauty powerhouse.

In our newest video, we round up some of our favourite uses of coconut oil. Watch this video and tell us in the comment box below, how do you use this wonder treatment.

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