How To Bring High Fashion To Your Genie Pants

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With their rich, varied history, and characteristic shape, genie pants are a sartorial edition that can make even the most banal white t-shirt look chic.

Their flowy, billowy volume make them the comfortable dresser’s best friend. But really, who doesn’t love to feel like they’re lounging around in their pyjamas all day? And with voluminous pants and 60’s – 90’s trends experiencing a revival, there’s no better time to look at the back of your closet and pull out your genie pants than now!

Not just for the homebody, genie pants can be tailored to fit any occasion – from casual gathering to office wear (yes!). The trick is in how you style it.

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Everything is a Matter of Proportion

The Number 1 tip to keep in mind when wearing voluminous pants is that everything is a matter of proportion. An easy way to ensure proper balance is to play with different kinds of fit. Compensate volume down below by pairing your genie pant with a tight t-shirt, crop top, or tank top. Pare down the volume of the pant with a top that highlights your curves and showcases your body. Play with textures to amp up the style factor – high quality lace, silk, chiffon for formal wear and simple jersey or cotton for a more casual look.

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But Don’t Be Afraid To Play With Volume

This may seem contradictory to rule #1, but the second tip to keep in mind is to just have fun with it. Mixing volume with volume may seem scary at first, especially for curvy women like myself, but when done right, it can elevate the look. Throw on a loose, flowing jacket to cover up any problem areas, and still show off a little cleavage! Carry on the modern interpretation of pleating present in the pants to the jacket, and pair a pleated jacket with the pleated genie pants for ultimate chicness. Continuity can be boring, but in this instance, it’s definitely high fashion.

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Accessorise Vertically

With genie pants adding so much width, it’s important to pick your accessories to add length to your torso and mitigate the sometimes flattening effect of the pants. Pick a pair of shoes in vivid tones to add a pop of rich colour and height to your outfit. Add to that, add a vintage bag with some accent beading, a gorgeous chain link strap, and you’re all set.

There Are No Rules

At the end of the day, fashion is all about self-expression. And while there are always better ways of wearing a garment, the most important rule is for you to be true to yourself and your style. Add elements that speak to your personality – a jean jacket, a bomber jacket, long necklaces, simple studs, patterns, textures, lace. Just have fun and roll with it!

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