Stop Waiting & Start Doing: Lessons I Learnt Starting Forward Forty

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What Are You Waiting For?

September 27, 2017


This past month has been insane, an incredible month of taking risks, of giving my dreams everything I’ve got. It’s also been a month of real personal strides.

As I worked in NYC this week and joined my team in a meeting with one of our large corporate partners via WhatsApp, I kept thinking how much my world had changed.

It felt good to be able to work anywhere in the world, to have clients who no longer need you in their space to confirm significant partnerships, to trust my team to take the lead.

Two years ago, if you had told me that I’d give up everything and trust in the fledgeling idea of  Forward Forty, I would have laughed.

I had spent close to 2 decades building a successful PR practice and I never had an inkling that it would all mean nothing when I was faced with the knowledge of exactly what I was placed on this planet to do.

This feeling of deep satisfaction as I walked the Lower East Side, sat in park plugged in my Instagram and Facebook stories while waiting on a dear friend to head out to dinner, made me think of you and your own dreams.

And today, I want you to start. I don’t want you to wait for life to come to you. Every minute you wait, every day that passes, pushes you farther and farther away from making your mark on this world.

Tomorrow is never promised and life is short.

I don’t have children, and I hope it does not sound weirdly odd when I say that one day I know I will have grandchildren (step, of course) and I know that when in the future I’m holding the hand of my granddaughter and giving her advice… I want to proudly share that I lived every single moment to the fullest.

You too. I want you to rest easy knowing that you chased after your dreams and that your legacy was built in tiny and big moments of bravery. That you did everything possible to bring them to life.

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