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Something that I know for sure is that an indecision is a decision.

I’m not talking about the period that I like to call the ‘think time,’ where you look at something back to front and upside down. Where you permit doubts and fears to crowd your brain, but you also look deeply at the opportunities that your decision can bring.

Instead, I’m talking about letting that thinking time go on for so long that you wallow back and forth and get knee deep in decision paralysis.

You know what I’m taking about right?

You have to make a certain decision about your career. And you don’t.

You have to decide whether you should move on from the person that causes you pain. And you don’t.

Heck, figuring out what to cook for dinner or even the colour to dye your hair can mire you down in too much deliberation.

On that note, I wanted to quickly share a conversation I had with my dear friend about two years ago. At the time, I decided I would take all my life savings and purchase and furnish a small but beautiful apartment in New York City. Now, remember I said my life savings so it means if I did, my account would go down to zero.

So my friend upon hearing of my decision asked: “What makes it so easy for you to take risks Judette? What makes you unafraid of your plans not working out?”

My response to her was that of course I was afraid, at times very afraid, but those feelings never prevent me from having a deep conversation with my fear. In fact, I never disregard fear, all I do is open the door, invite fear for a moment into the passenger seat of my brain and ask it: “What if?”

For instance, in relation to purchasing the apartment in NYC, all I said to fear was, “What if I have a place of my own in a big city where I could go for inspiration and replenish my creativity?”  Fear immediately got busy.  It told me about being penniless and not having an emergency fund and about New York being a big, scary place for a woman on her own.

But then I told fear: “What if I could rent out this potential space to my friends and even strangers during the times I was not there.” I reminded fear that I would not be alone because I made friends easily and could rely on a small circle of people I already knew in the city.

Fear had no more arguments left and I opened the door and allowed it to move from the passenger seat to the back seat.

I wasn’t going to allow fear to sit next to me anymore.  

The most amazing thing about asking the “What If” question is that it allows me – and it will allow you – to suspend all my negative patterns of thinking and get into an imaginative frame of mind, which gives me confidence to take significant steps toward my goals.

From the moment you do that, you’ll see. You’ll begin to craft your own path, to radically strengthen your ability to make clear, fast decisions. You will save so much time, stress and wasted energy as you begin to live life on your own terms. No more decision paralysis. Yes! Even at your age.

On a separate but related note, I will be hosting our first Cocktails and Conversations experience on Sunday October 2nd from 5-9 pm at the gorgeous Drew Manor Estate. 

The first topic in the series, “If Not Now, When?”  is exactly about  the “What if?” question. It’s about getting you to understand how to set aside any pattern of thinking that is holding you back from your dreams. I want you leave the evening of ‘Cocktails and Conversations’ feeling authentic and powerful having decided to step into the best version of the life that you want for yourself, your business and your dreams.

The tickets for the Experience will go online at the end of August and discounted prices will be offered to you, our amazing subscribers, who believed from the start, in a community of women growing more beautiful and successful as they age. You see I too have asked myself, “What if I fail?” and then I replaced it with, “What if Forward Forty succeeds?”

Have a lovely Sunday evening lovelies, Monday comes around way too soon.

  • Christine François

    Beautifully articulated…indeed, what if!?
    Every success Judette!

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