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Just a little under a year ago, we launched our blog with a singular goal in mind – to help women grow more successful and beautiful as they age. We started off with a camera, a vision, a threadbare script, a minuscule team of two, and got to making content we thought might matter.

Today, with a slew of videos, blog posts, a major event, and countless laughs behind us, we can confidently say that what was once just a pipe dream has become a shared reality, with thousands of women tuning in for our daily doses of style, wellness, travel, food and success stories.

We remember shooting this video as if it was yesterday. And though we’ve come a long way in how we produce and storyboard our videos, this one will always be a favourite because it’s the story of how we were born.

Plus, it does not hurt to have some shirtless pictures of a very hunky (and dreamy) Idris Elba.  

We hope you are inspired.

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