5 Different Ways To Think About Content Distribution In 2022

Content distribution is a hot topic on the social media radar these days but entrepreneurial icon, Gary Vee, has been talking about it for years.  

He created a blueprint to encourage content creators and small business owners (you know I think they are one and the same) to maximize their time whenever they create a piece of content. That blueprint was ahead of its time.

 Even back then,  the intention was to make content distribution top of mind so it’s really rewarding to see that years later, in the content matrix skill set, distribution has moved to the very tip of the small business digital pile.

 I talk to a lot of entrepreneurs and the ability to distribute content to the right audiences is really the defining distinction between those who succeed and feel less overwhelmed and those who flounder.  I’m not saying that from any perched position.

My 80/20 Rule on Content Distribution

Once upon a time, I spent 80% of my time creating new content and just about 20% promoting and sharing it. That equation was fully reversed because I asked the “WHAT IF” question.

“What if I flipped the script and put more time and effort into how I was sharing my content, making sure the dream client I was going after would see it? The results over time were remarkable once the shift from quantity to quality was understood and executed well.

Off the bat, I felt less pressure to create. I became more relaxed. Plus, my team’s content production schedule never looked better because it’s chock-a-block filled with older, repurposed content that we had given a new lease on life.

I have told clients and Simplify members that they can create content all day long.  However, sometimes in order to make the needle shift, they’ve got to figure out the ways to get their content in front of the right people.

Also, the need to get over the fear of repeating content is a huge but necessary mindset shift. Trust me with a few tweaks old content can feel brand new.

So let’s talk some more about content distribution. How on earth to distribute and promote your blog posts, images, graphics, podcasts etc; to take something old and make it fresh.  I’m sharing examples, baby. 

A Jaw Dropping Fact

I want to get real with you, like drop-your-jaw with a mouth full of food real. Between social media algorithms and all the overwhelm of a life lived online, plus in the face of information overload, no more than six percent of your audience sees the content you create. 

Even less will pay attention. Sorry, not sorry, I did promise you jaw-dropping.

Your goal, therefore, is to figure out a distribution model that works. For me, that means taking long-form pieces and breaking them up into micro-content sprinkling them on the many platforms I’m on. 

I also make sure I SEO whatever long-form content I put out.  I’ve hired a distributor to assist me. That’s the basics, I’ll add all the layers of course.

Ok, let’s get started. I want to jam this out for ya! 

NO 1. What Is Content Distribution?

 I can’t think of anything worse than you pouring your heart and soul into a piece of content only to find that it falls as flat as a pancake on a plate.

Captain Obvious question here, but I’d bet my house and land on the fact that you want some kind of traction with the content you create. Am I right or am I right?   

As a small biz owner, when you create blog posts, tweets, Twitter threads, emails, white papers, guides, videos, and podcasts, your job is to figure out how to repurpose them.  That’s the entire premise of content distribution.

The idea that you don’t have to allow content to die in the past, that you can bring your creations back to life and they can be shared and re-shared again.

Seriously, I think the constant need to be switched on creating content is the number. 1 reason why small biz owners burn out and begin to run out of steam, especially when working with a small team or no team at all.

Consistency is one thing. Overwhelm is another.

Distribution Is Not Mindless 

So I need you to think differently. Ready for this? Creating content mindlessly does not cut it in 2022. Not knowing where to find your right audience and just building your follower count for the sake of the numbers is so 2015.

You need to do a little marketing legwork.  Distribution is also not a mindless exercise.

The reason why I need you to rethink your content distribution game is because the more time you focus on getting your assets discovered and consumed by the right audiences (at the right times and places), and the more you can deliver on their expectations, the more they will become your biggest ambassadors and spread your brand and influence further.

Your business will grow as a result. This kind of tactic will enhance your ad spend for sure or help you figure out where to cut back.


If you want your content to be seen by as many people as possible, you must ensure that the right people are seeing it. Content distribution has a first stop and it’s researching and finding your audience.

NO. 2. It’s All In The Remix

 The word “remix ” has such an 80’s  Puff Diddy vibe but really it defines what you can do with content aka Diddy style. I’ll explain soon.

Just know for now that the premise of content distribution is based on how you can take a piece of original content from one place, another from somewhere else and create something that feels different

Look, If something is going to save me hours of my time, I’m here for it.  I don’t know about you, but when I can spend my weekends hanging out with my family instead of creating another piece of long-form content, my business mojo feels a little more blessed.

So I want to go back to Puff  Diddy a bit because what he did with Mary J Blige’s 411 album in 1992 should influence how we should all see content distribution. 

Here’s the beat.

Puff focused on the power of pairing old and new; hip-hop and R&B. His vision was to use beats in hip hop, mash them up with  R&B and reach new audiences engrossed in both worlds.   

Diddy broke records combining two different mediums  He did that! 4.3 million of sales later, the proof about remixing content is in the pudding.

Remixing is not just for rappers. An important part of how content distribution works is with repurposing.  So when you create a piece of pillar content:

  • You can take a blog post and you can turn it into a presentation
  • A Twitter thread can be revamped into a blog post or podcast 
  • That same blog post can be rehashed as a carousel that lives on LinkedIn.
  • And you can take every single one of those images that are in that carousel and turn them into graphics that are uploaded onto various platforms.  

No.3 Understand SEO 

Okay, my next tip is this, be religious in your approach to learning about SEO.  Stop writing post after post, stop getting on that hamster treadmill, and don’t take another step forward until you absolutely understand how to implement SEO on your site and blog.

You can also hire an expert.

Get into the weeds of the monthly reports.  Ask questions and get steeped in the know-how. Most clients are too busy but I think as the visionary in the business it’s so important to understand that a little knowledge about SEO goes a long way in understanding content distribution.

So I know your next question is how?

Well, think about it. SEO is like putting your distribution system on speed. Once you index your content, write to answer the questions people are searching for as well ad understand the science and art of backlinking while submitting your PR releases and microblogs to authority sites, etc. SEO is like a gift that keeps giving

Because I have spent so much time on client work, I am the queen of neglecting my own content. I’m fixing this right now with Rahul, my SEO strategist, who I introduced you in the link above.

He outlined the first quarter, 2022 strategy for my own blog I want to share some of it with you.

An SEO Strategy for Content Distribution

The first thing we’ll do is deepen the distribution capacity of this blog. That means redirecting 160 of my most popular posts from my old, archived site.  Along with that comes a whole lot of traffic.

Next, we’ll take our top 50  performing older posts that are housed on the new site and make sure they are fully optimized for SEO. That will give us a solid foundation to build to really go all-in with what we have.

Now, your turn. I need you to take a look at your blog.

Do you have dozens, or hundreds, of posts that you think don’t add a single ounce of value? Perhaps they were written before you found your brand voice or don’t answer the questions your audience is asking about. You have a couple of things you can do: 1)  delete or 2) no-index them.

If mass deletion will confuse your audience or make Google mad, it’s best to no-index it. These posts will be trashed (of course,  not literally, but they will be no longer counted.)

And finally, you may have some posts that aren’t great the way they are. With these, you could either combine a few of them into a more robust, stronger piece or revamp them to answer specific questions. 

You can also add a new title and update the information. SEO creates powerful content distribution habits and it matters if you care about discoverability and using SEO for growth marketing purposes.

What I know is that  SEO really matters. It matters that you take the time and figure out what people are searching for and combine that with your own interest levels. SEO can be a huge factor in your distribution strategy.

Oh, and don’t worry I’ll tackle backlinking in another post.

No. 4  Apps & Tools  I Use To Plan Out My Distribution

Ok, are you down for some content distribution workflow …  the one thing you know is that I LOVE me some flow that’s as smooth as butter. I love social media. I’ll shout that to the mountain top.

Yes, it has its downside but nothing beats the platforms for allowing you to build a table at your own social media party and inviting others to the dance floor.

The big downside is that you can get sucked in mindlessly scrolling or spending hours on social media. Enter my scheduling workflow which is the wand I wave to keep me consistently present with content while automating all the workflows that help with my distribution. 

One of the things I get asked the most is this: “how do I plan and distribute content so frequently?” Look, I’m never one telling people to do as I do, I can only share what works well for me, and that’s why I’ll always give standing ovations to the Social Media Planner, HootSuite, and Planoly.

The Social Meda Planner continues to remain my tool of choice.

I‘m able to think conceptualize and plan out content, break up my pilar pieces into micro-content, house all of my editorial ideas, plan out my newsletters.

I also use 30 Days of Content to build engaging posts that I can begin to schedule across Hootsuite.

The biggest reason I love the Planner and 30 Days Of Content is because they give me the ability to manage my whole editorial calendar all at once with great ideas and copy—I’m big on being able to see the broadest view of my business.



My Favourite App For Content Distribution

Now, I don’t like HOOTSUITE FOR INSTAGRAM  for a few reasons, but mostly because with a brand such as Instagram I like to see how the visual story comes together over time.   Again, I really like seeing things all at once, and I’m pretty good at visualizing.

I really love seeing everything shown TO me), so for my Instagram planning I really like to use PLANOLY

You can use PLANOLY ( the best Instagram app used for content distribution to other platforms) on desktop or mobile—you can bulk upload images into the categories you want to post about. Buskets of hashtags can be created and stored for future use.

I love setting plans for the topics I want to try to cover, and—the best part—you can type directly inside the platform for your post. AND YOU CAN SCHEDULE FOR FACEBOOK AND TWITTER TOO. 

Why be such a stickler for having a system that works? Well, you’re human. And you’re going to miss stuff. 

Plus, promoting your content in many places, making sure those spaces have the right audiences is your content distribution java.

Remember what I said about 6 % of your audience seeing your posts and opening all your emails, or reading every single word of your blog?

Having an efficient, solid social media workflow in place can help you take a little bit of the emotion and anxiety out of real-time posting and put the joy into long-term distributing.


Now for my final gem.

Everything that you create is an asset. When you start to view your blog post, your online project, your landing page, your ebook, Twitter, thread, and every single thing that you produce as an asset, meaning it is something you own and control,  then you start to think differently around the role of those assets. 

 Think about it for a second. In the traditional sense, an asset would be owning a home, or having cash,  owning stocks, it would be owning bonds, NFTs all of these things are real-life assets.

 When you apply that same thinking to digital, an email list is an asset, your Twitter following can be arguably an asset, your Instagram account with followers is an asset, the blog post that you wrote that is generating organic traffic, that is an asset.

See how that simple paradigm shift causes you to pause.

When you start to think of every asset that you have, as a part of your content portfolio, when you start to view it the same way you would your personal finance portfolio, where you might have a little bit of stock, a little bit of cash, a little bit of crypto, etc, you start to think differently and you begin to see the value in investing in distribution systems.

A Final Thought

Distribution helps to spread your ideas — between cultures, across generations, and on varied platforms. Never think of reserving what you create for yourself because in contributing to the map of human knowledge, you set the bar for what you want to be known for and how you will be discovered online.

Let me know below how you’re distributing content, I’m always in my Inbox learning and growing with you. 



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Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.
Judette Coward

Judette Coward

xo xo xo Judette
Sharp Mind. Big Heart.
Heart-to-heart, I help female entrepreneurs like you create profitable content to grow your ideas, audience & small business, and feel free to have a life you love.

Free Coaching? I'd Love It.

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