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The first thing you notice about Leasel Rovedas, is that she could probably stop traffic in a crocus sack. And while we know that woman’s energy and aura are so much more important what she has on, we are happy that Leasel has huge doses of style and soul, giving us plenty to ogle at.

The mother of two, also a business woman and radio broadcaster, has a very feminine style. She is trend averse and discovered a passion for vintage while visiting a friend in the UK. “Six  years ago a friend took me  to a few vintage shops close to her hometown in London.   She persuaded me to purchase a couple items and I’ve been hooked on vintage ever since.

Leasel says you should  care about how you feel when you’re wearing something that makes you feel good because confidence is beautiful.

Why is it important to create your own personal style?
You find out what’s unique about you once you have personal style. It really is about freedom and your individuality expressed.

What are the three things in your closet that you would never get rid of?
1. My comfy denim jeans, I have had it for years  and it is a must pack whenever I travel.

2. My beautiful, black 1950’s vintage full skirt with black sequined embellishments on the hemline; it was an online purchase.

3. My prized possession is a 1940’s vintage pair of court shoes made of black leather with beautiful details purchased at a thrift shop in the UK.



What has been your ultimate fashion risk? 

On my 30th birthday, I decided to change the style and colour of my hair. At the time I had worn my hair long and dark brown all my life and I went to a shorter style, with blonde streaks and a lighter overall colour. I will never forget that day, sitting on the chair, hands clammy, heart racing and terrified of the outcome whilst my stylist was eager and excited with a pair of scissors in her hands. In the end I loved it! I still do to this day.

How would you advise someone to begin to identify her signature style?

A woman has to be true to who she is. I’d tell her to take time to reflect on her tastes, interests, inspirations, aspirations.  Then she can take the next step toward building a wardrobe that expresses elements of who she is. A woman should not  allow style to dictate her look.  She should go  for classic and timeless pieces. Developing your personal style is a journey and not a destination.

Where or from whom do you get your fashion inspiration from?

I love Pinterest, “W” and “Vogue” magazines. Rhianna, Sarah Jessica Parker and Charlize Theron.’s style also inspire me. I also enjoy on-line fashion sites.

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