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When Hanes Hosiery, one of the the top-selling stocking manufacturers in the world, launched its Sexy Celebrity Legs Survey guess which famous person nailed the title three times a row?  Did you think of Tina Turner? Good. She was over 70 at the time the survey was done, but  the rock legend beat out the likes of the much younger actress, Jennifer Aniston and singer Beyonce.

While many of us secretly yearn for the limbal or dance prowess of Ms Turner, most women just want to know how to maintain some killer gams once they pass a certain age. The multi billion dollar high heels industry will always continue to hold centre stage in fashion but women just simply want to rock their legs, whether they are short or tall, full figured or a size 0.  

Exercise will help to tone up your muscles, lose cellulite, and make your legs looks leaner, but who isn’t  all guilty of slacking off (for a week, month, or well, years). To help you out of your limbal bind, we compiled a list of seven tried and tested tips for your legs that at the very least, will make you feel like you’re rolling on a river.

Tina Turner Famous Legs

Tina Turner Famous Legs

  1. Squat it out: The squat is a simple, no-equipment exercise that works to firm up and lift your derriere, tighten your core, reduce cellulite, work your inner thighs, and make your legs leaner. Try the 30-day squat challenge to get you started,or check out these simple gym moves to work your legs more.
  2. Get twisting:. Try yoga. Aside from the mental and overall wellness benefits of yoga, the discipline also works to give you a great set of legs. Poses like the warrior, eagle, half moon, and triangle sound strange, but will tone up your legs in no time. For more poses, try Mind, Body, Green’s handy 10-pose routine to sexier legs.
  3. Work your angles: The easiest way to fake longer legs  in pictures is to strategically position your body to help your legs look longer and leaner. A simple torso thrust, where you tilt your body towards the camera, making everything in the foreground (head, bust) look bigger than what’s in the background (your legs!) works miracles. Or try the trusty crossed ankle trick, which, as the name suggests, involves you crossing one leg – and consequently, ankle – in front of the other to give the illusion of length. For the most advanced poser, try the three-quarter twist, explained here by Allure’s creative director Paul Cavaco. Simple “turn your body about 45 degrees to the side (legs at 2 or 10 o’clock position), swivel your shoulders towards the camera, plant one foot slightly in front of the other, and put all of your weight on your back leg.” Not only does this lengthen your legs, but it also works to visually create a smaller waistline.
    Your best legs are possible past 40

    Your best legs are possible past 40


  4. Go nude: Haha, got you there! Jokes aside, slip on a pair of nude pumps to give the illusion of length. The colour’s similarity to your own leg tone helps to create a seamless, uninterrupted line, making your legs look that much longer.
  5. Go high and monochrome: To get length, think length. High heels are your best friend if you want longer, leaner, and more defined legs. Choosing your clothes wisely also helps to fake the illusion of longer legs. Light up your waistline and elongate those limbs with a high-waisted palazzo pant or slender jeans to give the camera (or your friends) the illusion that your legs start at a higher point. Or try going for a monochrome look to help slim down your whole body. Wear pointed shoes to  keep your ankle and the tops of your feet covered, and create a seamless visual line of length.
  6. Shorter is better: (For clothes, not for heels!) The simplest way to fake great legs is to show more of them. Opt for classy shorts, skirts, or short dresses, throw on a pair of heels, and you’re ready for the world!
  7. Limb-lengthening: If all else fails, book a ticket to China, India or Russia, and get a simple (albeit painful and highly unregulated) procedure to surgically lengthen your legs. Just kidding! Do not do this! It reads like a Frankenstein-ish nightmare.

Photo Credit: Tina Turner/ AP

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