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When I received a question from one of our long time fans Sharon Knotts (see the Video of the Week) about how to bounce back from disappointment, a blade jabbed at my heart and caused some reflection. When you run a business, when you are trying to live creatively, when you love and you lose, you live with feelings of disappointment and there is nothing like it to remind you of solitude, lost dreams, even your own mortality.

Sharon is more than a decade away from 40 and yet all of us who have long crossed that age marker, know that life does not get less complicated. But age brings perspective and I think you’ll agree with the advice I give Sharon in the video. The only question we can ask when we are on the floor is, “What’s Next?” The choices are few. Sharon could, we all can for that matter, take on the vital forces of life, despite its limitations and imperfections, or pull the covers over our heads as an exit strategy.

Disappointment, I relearned just recently can keep you connected to life in a strange way. The challenge is how to live a good life in spite of it. Among the least promising ways is to curse others, curse yourself, curse life, curse the universe. Because once all the tears have dried, you’ll begin to realise that the best relationship with yourself and with others doesn’t begin until after the sting of disappointment fades.


  • Phoebe-ann

    Amazing as usual. Thanks for this. Continue to inspire us Judette!

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