10 Minutes To Your Best Bronze Goddess

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Whatever your beauty must-haves, I’m sure your ideal look includes some combination of warm, sun-kissed skin, stunning eyes, and lashes for days. Right? And while copious amounts of island sun and coconut oil might help you nail that effortless, bronzed look, let’s face it – that requires too much of an upkeep.

Enter master blender and Black Up Paris’ local brand ambassador Paulla DeSouza, our go-to makeup artist for FFTV. Paulla is responsible for almost all of our looks and never fails to amaze us with her technique and use of colour, glitter, and depth.

As much as we love her bolder looks (and trust me, we do!), our favourite has to be the subtle, shimmering, bronzed look she did for one of our recent shoots. A perfect blend of sex appeal and class, this look ticks all the boxes in our makeup book.

Click the link below to see her in action

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