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We  launched our e-commerce platform and  put together this nifty FAQ to help guide you through the payment process for Cocktails and Conversations: “If Not Now, When?”

Q. What is Cocktails and Conversations?

A. Cocktails and Conversations is our flagship Experience that’s set to bring together four thought-provoking speakers, cuisine by award-winning chef Debra Metivier, a small but exclusive marketplace, and the company of some of the most engaging women in Trinidad for an evening-long event. Under the theme of “If Not Now, When?” the experience aims to inspire women to take charge of their lives and set into the best vision they have for themselves.

Q. Who can attend?

A. Anyone, men too! But mostly we expect women ages 35 and up.

Q. How much does the experience cost?

A. Tickets are currently on sale at TTD 1,500, and early bird attendees can use the code ‘FFEXP40’ to get 20% off all online purchases. For a limited time only, tickets will be available for TT $1200.00

Q. Can I purchase in a store?

A. No, tickets are available for sale only from www.forwardforty.com/theexperience

Q. Can I purchase more than one ticket using one credit card?

A. Definitely! Each ticket has a unique ticket number and security code which will all be assigned to the attendee that purchased the tickets. Upon reaching the event, every member of the registrant’s party will have to present her own printed eTicket, or security code for check-in. Each ticket or security code is valid for one check-in at the event

Q. What happens if I buy extra tickets and someone cannot attend? Will I be able to give the ticket to someone else?

A. Sure! You can simply provide the printed eTicket or security code to the new attendee for check-in at the event. Each ticket and security code is valid for one check-in at the event.

Q. I purchased my tickets but haven’t got a confirmation code! What went wrong?

Nothing! Don’t worry. Your confirmation code will be sent to your inbox 24 hours after you purchase your tickets. If 24 hours have passed, and you’ve still not received your code, please contact us and we’ll sort out the details.

Q. How secure is the portal? Who’s processing the payment?

A. Our portal is extremely secure. Payments are secured and processed via First Atlantic Commerce (FAC). FAC is a globally recognized e-commerce provider that works as a mediator between banks and business looking to facilitate online transactions. A leading online payment solutions provider, FAC has  an 18-year track record of providing secure and robust internet payment solutions, including real-time credit and debit card processing.

Q. Why is the payment being processed in USD? How will this affect me?

A. Most credit card sales are already processed in the international currency of trade – the US dollar. To keep with best practice, and in compliance with our US-based payment gateway, we too will follow this international standard. Long story short, attendees will pay USD 184 when the coupon code ‘FFEXP40’ is applied during the purchase.

Q. Do I have to bring a form of ID to the event so that administration can match my ticket purchase via credit card to my physical invitation?

A. Not at all. Only the printed eTicket or the security code of the ticket is needed for check-in. Once you pay online you will receive a confirmation notice from Forward Forty. Your security code will be issued a few days later via email.

Q. What happens if I want to refund my ticket?

A. Unfortunately, a ticket refund will not be granted to an attendee unable to attend the experience, Cocktails and Conversations. Should an attendee not be able to attend after purchasing a ticket, we suggest that the ticket be gifted to another individual who can benefit from the experience. In the event of extreme unforeseen weather circumstances like a hurricane or dangerous thunderstorm, Cocktails and Conversations will be postponed to a later date. Any ticket holder not able to make the later date will be granted a full refund of the ticket price at the time of purchase.

Q. What should I bring with me to the event?

A. Your beautiful selves and your favourite girlfriends! We cannot wait to see all of you on the day.

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