Where Does Confidence Come From?

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Forward Forty is an enormous undertaking. It’s not only about writing content and recording stories that resonate. It’s also getting the right brands to believe in what we do. That’s the hard part but enduring the trials when building something great, pushing outside the comfort zone and recognizing you’re not the first to face big challenges and overcome them is reassuring. That knowledge alone brings me peace but it also gives me something more concrete, confidence.

Every challenge you see builds a muscle. You fall down. You get back up. You judge yourself harshly. You remember to self love. It’s all about finding the flow.

I think that’s the essence of being confident. Finding  your  flow, following its path and then finding the right people who believe in the work and worth of what you do. One, you see, cannot exist without the other.

Moving with the flow of life has always given me supreme confidence.

I know two things: to block its energy and natural rhythm is to block the presence of  purpose in your life, and to deny your purpose is to deny the presence of something bigger than you, working through you.

Life becomes more expansive when you are confident.

In many instances it’s not that I am unafraid, it is simply that when I am, I allow that badass inside me to kick in and I look for and find my energy flow. I’d love to know where your confidence comes from, tell me in the comment box below and  listen in while I share mine.

Be inspired.


  • Yolande dick

    I struggle with confidence from time to time but when suit up I feel like I can take on the greatest of challenges. ?

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