Do you Know Where Your Dreams Are?

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It’s 2016. I hope you’re pursuing exactly what you dreamed of when the clock struck midnight on December 31st. Hard to believe we are already smack in the middle of the first month, just about the time we watch our resolutions dissolve like bubbles in the air.

On New Years Eve, I promised myself  that I’d give up sweets and much of the carbohydrates I was used to having  a daily affair with. By day 3 into January, as I collapsed into a tray of freshly baked chocolate coconut muffins, I knew that my vegan lifestyle made these changes impossible to keep. So I relinquished them for kinder, gentler goals.

I know an endless personal task list is expected at the end of any year. We get so caught with a desire to be very different from who were the year before, we set the new year up with the premise that we haven’t done and can’t do enough to prove our worthiness, and we forget there are parts of us and our lives worth celebrating.

2015 was  special for me, one I’m not likely to forget. For starters, Forward Forty was launched I got to meet all of you. Now we have a huge community of brilliance and feminine power that didn’t exist a year ago. I have enjoyed inspiring you and being inspired by you. Truth is, you make me want to be better at my craft and with my life.

In 2016, I’m going  to curl up and chill more often on my couch like a puppy caught in a beam of sunlight. I will work smarter and enjoy the fruits of my work more. I’ve earned it, that and a few bars of vegan chocolate along with some french fries too.

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