Want Flawless Legs? Try Our No-Equipment, 10-Minute Home Workout

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Toned, chiseled, and lean legs might not be in everyone’s genetic makeup, but there are numerous ways that you can tweak nature and nurture to work in your favour. Our favourite, naturally, is exercise.

Cardio might whittle away extra padding on your limbs, but the secret to celeb-worthy legs is resistance training. Whether that ‘resistance’ is your bodyweight, dumbbells, bands, or elevation is up to you, but the more you exert your leg muscles (within reason, that is) the stronger and tighter they become.

As part of our first fitness series Forward Forty Moves, we enlisted the help of the fabulously fit Lyndi Ann Koylass of Fit Appeal TT to show Judette the ropes, and ease her into building stronger, leaner legs.




As you can probably guess, legs are a pretty complicated part of the human body. Not only do they have to be structurally sound so as to withstand our bodyweight, they also have to be nimble, agile, and flexible enough to support the range of motions we engage in throughout our day.

Training your legs means activating a whole heap of muscles including your quads, hamstrings, calves, adductors, and abductors. Not to mention the ever-famous gluteal muscles (but we have a whole other workout dedicated to them).

To get you started, we’ve created an introductory workout that is designed to be easy on your knees, back, and ankles, while still getting in the basic movements needed to activate almost all of your leg muscles.



This is a beginner’s workout. If you’re a fitness fiend, feel free to add extra resistance, reps, time, weights, or deeper motions.

20 Forward Lunges (each leg) <

20 Reverse Lunges (each leg) <

5 repetitions of 3 Pulsing Squats + 1 Jumping Squat <

20 Side Lunges <

20-second Wall Sit <

15 Calf Raises (each leg) <

Repeat the entire routine at least four times for maximum impact. You can also perform the routine against a set time frame to increase your heart rate. For example, try to perform as many lunges (forward, reverse, or side) as possible in a minute.

turmeric Legs


To avoid injury, don’t forget to stretch out your muscles after your workout. Here are some simple ones we love:

Single Leg Quad Stretch

Standing Knee Hug Stretch

Standing Forward Bend

Lyndi recommends that you workout your legs twice a week. If you’re short on time, you can minimize the number of days you work out by sneaking in muscle groups into cardio sessions. If you’re scheduled to run laps around a track, for example, feel free to also lunge and squat around it. If you’re working out at home, up your game by performing lunges and jump squats on a set of stairs. The possibilities are endless!


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