Why Begin Forward Forty Moves?

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Sure, deciding to create Forward Forty Moves was a personal goal, but it didn’t just stem from a sudden desire to whip myself into shape and commit to living a healthy, better life. It came from a place of vulnerability. During the past year, I’ve had to own up to my  mistakes, let go of many emotional crutches and disown habits that were harming my health. I’ve had to really understand my body and its needs, and redefine health on my own terms.

This paradigm shift didn’t come overnight. It’s been a slow and eye-opening process where I’ve learnt (and am still learning!) about proper self-care, fitness, and nutrition.

And so Forward Forty Moves was born – a digital, holistic, no-frills approach to wellness that’s easy, fun, diverse, and engaging. This is not a diet or an exercise plan. It’s not a beach body programme or a bootcamp. It’s most definitely not a one-size-fits-all. What it is though, is a personal journey of growth (see video below), one that I’m inviting you to join, and of course share your own stories to good health and wellness.

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