On the way to Maldives, a stopover in Dubai leads to a surprising find

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Deciding on a destination for a dream vacation is a bit of a challenge I happily face every end of year.  This year after months of deliberating and back and forth we decided on Maldives via Dubai.

For the East, it’s the modern day Rome as all roads lead to Dubai. Connectivity here has made Dubai an international gateway;  this larger than life, super sized city is busy, opulent and indulgent.

However, this year we were looking for just the opposite, a getaway from the traffic, noise and crowds and everything big city-ish. Surprisingly, we found it in Dubai at Bab Al Shams, a five star hotel, resort and spa located 1 hour and 20 mins from Dubai city and approximately 1 hour from Abu Dhabi.

Surrounded by miles of desert, this oasis is the perfect big city antidote and the great escape we were searching for. Bab Al Shams offers a glimpse into traditional Arabian culture,  guests are treated to authentic Arabic cuisine, music, dancing, falconery, camel  and horseback rides, just to name a few. Days are filled with fun activities geared for the entire family and the hotel’s  extensive water features and expansive swimming pools offer a refreshing refuge to the weary, sun beaten traveler.


But its the hot Arabian nights where the splendour of Bab Al Shams is revealed. Al Hadheerah, the hotel’s outdoor dining restaurant is where guests are fully entertained as the dark desert sky becomes ablaze with fireworks.  Lively performances flow  throughout the evening from a dramatic equestrian show, to lively traditional music and dancing. A grand buffet feast is welcomely laid out, enough to satisfy the most demanding and famished guest.


This side of Dubai, a bit off the beaten track, is not what you usually would associate with this city. There is nothing high-rise here expect the experiences you take away.


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