How to Stop Dreaming and Start Doing?

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Ideas are Cheap and Plentiful.

We all have that one friend in our life who is a dreamer. In my case it’s June, I call her my ‘if only’ friend.

“If only, I had opened that vegetarian restaurant like I thought of years ago, I’d be making tons of money right now,” she said one year ago.

And later on.

“If only I’d listen to my instinct I would have started an art and food retail shop, see how well Tish is doing?” She is referring to another friend who though not as creative as June, recently secured a loan to open a small gallery.

My friend June is a real ideas type but her thinking is illogical. As I keep telling her (but lately have learned to shut up), Having an idea of a restaurant has nothing to do with actually opening one. What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or dream of.

Doubt me?

Try peddling your ideas on the street, how much do you think they’ll fetch? See what I mean? June’s idea of the veggie restaurant won’t go for much nor will the art/food shop, not at least until she actually starts working a plan. Of course the constraints can be humongous but it can only make you work harder, make you see how far you can get with what you have.

My dad, who was a journalist, used to often tell me: “Go write!” I was only 7-8 at the time and despite my groans and protests I would come back to him with reams of paper about silly things like how I spent my day or notes about how much I loved my grandmother.

I think in his directive he was really telling me that the most important thing in execution was the beginning, getting started. The second idea was committing to the task and making mistakes (which he would correct) and getting better at things. So if I got a pad, a pencil and started writing on just about anything, I would develop a skill that I could later put to use.

Ideas are cheap and plentiful. The real deal is to begin to execute.



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