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At 50, Wendy Yawching found love, purpose, and an entirely new career.

After spending decades as Trinidad and Tobago’s first female pilot at the now defunct BWIA, Yawching decided to retire and follow her passion instead.

That lead her to Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese discipline that places an emphasis on harmonizing people with their surrounding environments. A few years later, her company, Healing Spaces Caribbean, was born.

When we visited Tobago last month for four extensive (and exhausting!) days of filming for our brand new special interest segment Forward Forty Moves, we were fortunate enough to interview Yawching at her stunning hilltop home.

Her radiant energy was infectious, and the unparalleled feeling of peace and calm that we felt upon entering her doorway nearly floored us. And that view? Lawd faddah, that was magnificent.

Watch the video to view more of Yawching’s home – built alongside her husband Eric – on the principles of Feng Shui.

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