5 Minutes to a Stunning Tuck and Roll Hairstyle.

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I am obsessed with this hairstyle and it is easily, hands down, my favourite twist because I can do it in my five minutes before I slip into my dress for a night  out. All you literally need are hairpins and I suppose, a brush,  although I never use one. This style works well on all types of hair and takes no time at all to perfect.

Tips you might want to follow:

  • If  you have afro textured hair as I do, choose a good moisturizer to help smooth it out and a product with shea butter will always do the trick. If you have straight hair a gel will help with those fly aways
  • Put enough tension on your hair so that it is neat. If you want a roll that is more loose avoid doing it too tightly, this will create  volume you’re looking for
  • Use bobby pins that will give your hairdo a secure hold.  The thicker your hair the larger the pin.

I hope you are inspired.


Style Credit

Earrings: The Gallery, Long Circular Mall, Trinidad & Tobago


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