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If you’re keeping up with Forward Forty, you’ll know that I’m spending this week in the wonderfully vibrant island nation of Jamaica, just a few hours away from Trinidad and Tobago.

During my time there, I’ll be interviewing inspirational Jamaican women, sampling some of the island’s classic Ital food, and taking in its scenic sights. Most importantly however, I am honoured to be the guest of JMMB Group Jamaica, and the feature speaker at their all women’s event today, January 18, from 8pm onwards.

I’ll be speaking on living beyond fear, and addressing themes of courage, passion, curiosity and perseverance. Stay tuned to the Forward Forty Facebook page as we go live with at least the first 10 minutes of it all from 8:00 pm!



Today’s conversation is really one of courage, not the absence of fear mind you, but the fascination all of us here in this room should have for living.

This is a conversation about living a full and engaged life, and living with the courage of your conviction – that succulent sweet spot that connects your passion with your purpose.

It’s a conversation about the trust you must have in yourself,
that deep down belief you have in your unique talents, whatever they may be.

 It’s a conversation about the work that you must do.

 You see, I would like to believe that all of these things – courage, passion, conviction, perseverance – are really what separates the people who dream about the life they want to have, and those who are actually living it.


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