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I have one golden rule when it comes to traveling, especially to new places, I turn off all my expectations. All the research, advisories and reviews are important to pre-trip planning but also important is having an open mind, free from opinions and anything preconceived. Maldives, however, was the one destination that presented the exception to this rule. The minute my partner and I decided on the chain of islands for our vacation, I kept imagining paradise.

Maldives lies southwest of India and 435 miles of Sir Lanka in the Laccadive Sea and is made up of 26 coral atolls with clusters of approximately 1,190 small islands. Some of the most beautiful beaches and coral gardens in the world can be found in Maldives along with spectacular dive sites teaming with marine life and luxurious resorts.

But it’s the luminous turquoise water caressing the powder white sand beaches that’s the most captivating. Private breezy bungalows nestle on the beach or can be seen floating and there is clear, clean air all around.

On Maldives time seems to stand still. There is nothing to do and all day to do it.

We found ourselves slipping happily into the island’s rhythm. There was breakfast or brunch in our case, after which the day was full of important decisions: should we bike to the north of the 2 kilometre island for a perfectly made cappuccino and get sun-soaked or head south for a glass of Prosecco and some snorkelling?  Should we spend a few hours at the coconut spa or head out on the dive boat?
We spent nine days, mastering the fading art of doing nothing. It created space and time to take in all the beauty around: the soothing sound of the water, the feel of the sand, the warmth of the sun, laughter. Some have called it a vacation in a vacation. I call it magic.

Maldives taught us a valuable lesson, that 9 days is too short a time to do nothing,  you really need 2 weeks. We’ll be back of course, this is a chain of islands where all you need is time.

Natalie Augustine

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