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“What Do You Want?”

Asking yourself “what do you want,” is probably the second most important question you can answer after, “Who Are You?”

At times there is plenty of failure — both personal and collective — in the answers to account for, but more enriching is the incalculable delight and joy and an urgency to get things right.

I like that urgency, it has always forced me to think deeply about my needs, desires, wants.


In 2016, I decided that I wanted to live a healthier life. My journey was never about having smaller breasts or a bigger backside, I simply wanted to feel better than I was, which is PC for not allowing food to rule my moods, being mindful of what distressed me, sleeping more and making workouts fun.

I was determined, in the initial stages, not to focus on stepping onto a scale constantly. Being mentally trapped by the numbers I read there would have brought no joy, so instead I became strident about celebrating my body at each stage of its journey to a healthier one.  That was a little over ten months ago.

As we enter the last couple of months of 2016, it’s typical for me to want to curl up like a cat under a beam of light and not worry about any goals until the first day of the New Year hits me like a bomb. But the question: “What do I want?” keeps tumbling out of nowhere.

So, what do I want for the last part of 2016? 1b8a5570

I want to get better at understanding food. I would like to eat smaller meals more frequently, guzzle more water, and listen more deeply to my body when it screams, Rest! And dammit, I am finally putting a number to a goal; I’d like to shift my final fifteen pounds and bury them for good.

How about you? What do you want? What are your health goals and wouldn’t it be amazing if we could enter 2017 having made an attempt – no matter how small – to achieve some of them.

For the next three months (yes! over the Christmas season too) I’d love for us to get, or continue on this journey to becoming  our healthiest selves. I will be working with a nutritionist for the first time in my life, I’ll move my body in fun and focused ways, and for the first time, I’ll show you the results of all these efforts, regardless of their outcomes.

I know you will have your own stories of struggles and hope, and I would love if you’d share them on here our blog or Facebook using the hashtag #forwardfortymoves. If we are to make 2017 our healthiest ever, the time to start is now.

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