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There are two types of outfits that I love wearing: the wrap and the slip dress. Both are really easy and flattering on every body type, though if you’re like me, and have curves and an ample chest, you should give thought to the right undergarments to pair them with.

That little extra expense aside, whenever I find something that works, I tend to stock up and repeat and then look for ways to make them look different each time.

In this video, I grab a luxe nightgown that I’ve always worn as slip dress and turn up the accessories with shoes and a cap grabbed from my closet and jewellery from my friend’s amazing gift shop, the Gallery.

Detailed accent pieces will immediately elevate even the simplest of dresses as you’ll see in this fun video I put together with my wonderful team.


Pair a satin slip dress/nightgown with a French beret, a vintage beaded bag, and a pair of funky shoes for an eclectic boho vibe that’s all the rage at the moment. Bonus points if you find a pair of mary janes with built-in socks like I did, but any ankle bootie or mule would do too.

Untitled design (43)-2
Untitled design (46)


A well-fitting denim jacket is a must-have in your closet – and for this versatile look. Headed for some drinks, a gal’s night out or trying out a hip new restaurant? Throw on a pair of killer heels, a statement necklace, and you’re all set.


Feeling a little adventurous? Try this one on (for fashion, not size, silly!) : a wrap around shirt, a statement necklace, and your favourite pair of heels. Make sure to wear your shirt backwards because what’s fashion without risk?

Untitled design (44)
Untitled design (45)


Simplicity is timeless, and a bold necklace paired with a bare slip dress and an accent shoe is all you need to rock the understated glam look. Add some face-framing curls, a fierce lip, and your best smile.

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