Seven Ways You Can Spread Christmas Cheer This Season

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When you look past the sleigh bells ringing, children singing, loud strains of parang and tables groaning with comfort food, Christmas is, at its core, a time to share. But between cleaning and cooking, we often have no time to think about what we can do to spread the season’s spirits outside of our immediate circle of family and friends.

This year, we’ve partnered with Guardian Group and their annual SHINE charity race to come up with seven creative ways you can do your part to sprinkle cheer and help make Christmas better for children and families in need.

A Ride

Dropping your kids off to school in the morning? Consider partnering with a nearby home or children’s facility to give children headed to the same school a ride. Most children in homes walk or take public transport to school, a cost that can rack up significantly if you take into account that there are at least 10 children in a home at any given time. Carpooling would alleviate some of the homes’ financial responsibility and ensure that the kids reach school safely everyday

A Garden

Feeding a family of 5 takes work. Feeding 10 hungry, active kids a day takes a village. This Christmas, give the gift of food by outfitting your nearest children’s home with a functioning vegetable garden. All it takes is a couple bags of soil, some seeds, a handful of tools, and a whole lot of love.

Feminine Hygiene Products

Growing up brings with it a whole host of adolescent troubles. From your first kiss to your first period, the years between your 11th and 18th birthdays can be a tumultuous period. An easy way to give back this Christmas would be to donate sanitary pads, tampons, washes, and other paraphernalia to ease a teenage girl’s transition into adulthood.


Got nonperishable foodstuff piling away in your pantry? Donate it to a children’s home. Chana, corn, peas, lentils, tuna, chicken, powdered milk, and sausages are all items that homes use on a regular basis to feed their growing families. Donations of items like soft drinks, frozen foods, biscuits, and snacks are also welcome.

Birthday Goodies

Who wouldn’t want to feel special on their birthday? Ask your nearest home for a list of children’s’ birthdays and surprise them with a cake, tub of ice cream, and maybe even a gift. Make sure to run your visit by the home’s caretaker or owner first, so that they can know what to expect

Utility Bills

Paying for the electricity and water needs of over 15-20 people a month gets financially exhausting, and homes appreciate any help in this area. Next time you consider a cash donation, talk to your home of choice and ask if the money can go towards a specific bill that you’re interested in shouldering


A lot of local homes don’t necessary shelter children, but rather provide support services to families in need. A huge portion of these ‘services’ revolve around medical issues like cancer, genetic illnesses, and disabilities. From medications to therapy, scans, and doctor’s visits, medical bills can rack up to some exorbitant amounts over the span of a year. A single person might not be able to chisel much off a home’s medical expenses, but a group of friends or a company definitely can

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  • Ranuca Hamlet

    Great article, great ideas!! Did you know that we at Guardian Group have been turning empty shoeboxes into beautiful gifts for the less fortunate children?

    This year marks our 6th year of our SHOEBOX journey and our goal is 2,000 gifts!!! Join us ❤️

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