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Shine Your Way Through Your Workout With This Playlist

October 16, 2017

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The Guardian Group’s annual SHINE 5k and 10k Walk and Run is set for November 25, 2017. SHINE, an abbreviation for “Securing Hope for those In Need,” is Guardian Group’s annual flagship CSR event. 100% of all proceeds raised go towards 10 homes that are doing incredible work with underprivileged children and families across Trinidad and Tobago. If SHINE’s on your to-do list for this holiday season (as it should be), we’ve got you covered with carols, parang, and workout motivation galore to help get you from ‘couch to 5k’ in no time!


Whether you’re working out to lift a little heavier at the gym or sprint a little faster in a race like Guardian Group’s annual SHINE 5k and 10k, there will always be a couple of songs on your playlist that you swear by. After all, a perfect soundtrack is like having your best girlfriend next to you on the treadmill.

So when the folks at Guardian Group challenged us to create an ultimate Christmas playlist for our Wellness Section that will get runners (both amateurs and professionals) ready for their big race day on November 5th, we spent hours listening to some of the best workout playlists on Apple’s Itunes and found a formulae that inspired our own.

On our ultimate Christmas playlist, we picked songs that will motivate you like Run, Rudolph, Run.

We chose ones that inspired us by their lyrics like…all I want for Christmas is you.

Others we figured would move you just because of their rhythm…Chris Brown and – dare I say it – Justin Bieber, anyone?

And we added lots of Trini flair with Scunter, Bindley Benjamin, and more.

We also picked a variety of beats. We know that in addition to the music that really gets you going during your interval training for the Shine 5 and 10 K, you’re probably also doing yoga and may even want a few holiday cool down tunes to take your heart beat down a few notches.

It’s the reason why you’ll love this ultimate playlist (maybe we should take up DJ-ing as a side hustle), with fresh new sounds and an ever-expanding list of classic upbeat holiday tunes.

What else should we add to the list? What Christmas tunes make your workouts full of festive cheer?

Cee Lo Green – Run Rudolph Run

Cee Lo Green brings some funk and fun to Chuck Berry’s rock n’ roll classic, complete with Victoria Secret-esque models, vintage cars, and the stunning city of New York. This new age revision might not be vastly different from Berry’s version, but it adds just enough oomph and glitter to make it a Cee Lo must-hear. The song is catchy, upbeat, and is just what you need to make Saturday morning chores…bearable.

Crazy – Yvonne

A hungry man wakes up to find his worst nightmare brought to life – a missing wife, no children, and, worse yet, no food! Calypsonian Crazy brings his characteristic brand of comedy to traditional parang beats with Yvonne – a toe-tapping tale of Yvonne, Paul, Frank, and a whole set of bacchanal. We bet you can’t stop singing along to this one.

Chris Brown – This Christmas

Hold up. Christmas and Chris Brown? One of these things is definitely not like the others! If you’re sceptical about this, we don’t blame you, but Chris Brown’s rogue Yuletide tune has some pretty impressive chops, a stellar beat, and of course, original CB dancing. If you want your Christmas spirit with a side of R&B, give this one a listen.

Bindley Benjamin – Santa Looking For A Wife

Santa journeys from the North Pole to the Caribbean in search of a wife. Far-fetched, but you can’t argue with Bindley Benjamin’s logic. I mean, where else can you find the perfect blend of bess women, pelau, soca, and sorrel? He might have to shed the furry red coat and the white beard, but this Santa’s gonna have a blast! (As will you, listening to it)

Christina Aguilera – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Every RnB, pop, and soul artist seems to have a version of Judy Garland’s smash 1944 hit Have Your Self A Merry Little Christmas, but Christina Aguilera’s one is by far one of our favourites. The song is classic CA – vocal riffs, vocalisations, and her impressive 4 octave range – made even better with Brian McKnight’s dulcet tones. Listened best with a glass (or two) of wine!

Myron B – Talking Parang

What would you do if your parang group showed up to your Christmas lime with no instruments in tow? Myron B finds out in this hilarious video of a lime gone wrong. Luckily, the quick-thinking musicians use their God-given vocal cords to save the party…and their jobs. If the beat doesn’t get you moving, then Myron’s crew’s expressions certainly will.

Cascada – Last Christmas

You might know them for their hit singles ‘Everytime We Touch’ or ‘What Hurts The Most’, but their electro-pop remix of Last Christmas is just the 90’s-esque rhythm your workout needs. Plug in your headphones and best that Zumba class!

Scrunter – Anita

What would you give a man who gifts you everything from curtains to a pressure cooker, car, jewellery, stereo, fridge, and more? Well, all a lovelorn Scrunter wants in this parang is breakfast in bed. We think that’s a pretty fair trade.

Burl Ives – Holly Jolly Christmas

Holly, jolly, and oh-so-Christmasy, Burl Ives classic holiday greeting is a must-have on our list. It’s a slower beat, perfect for a cool down or warm-up, ahead of a smashing workout. Or just an easy Sunday run or bike ride.

Crazy – Muchacha

All’s fair in love and Venezuela in Crazy’s Muchacha, an unlikely anthem for all your cross-cultural love stories. It might be a bit off on the language front, but hey, at least the sentiment’s there. Perfect for a Zumba class, spin session, or uphill HIIT walk, this Crazy hit will be stuck in your head for days! (We’re sorry)



Join Guardian Group and hundreds of amateur runners, fitness buffs, and do-gooders on November 25, 2017, for this year’s SHINE 5k and 10k Walk and Run.

With activities, parang, live music, games, and prizes, SHINE is not just a charity race. It’s a lime, fundraiser, and workout rolled into one, fun-filled evening. The event begins at 4:15 pm at the Nelson Mandela Park in St. Clair, Port of Spain, and both races run concurrently. Runners are required to check in on-site from 3:30 pm onwards on the day.

Registration must be done online through RaceRoster, and costs TTD 80 (or USD $12). No credit card? No worries. Simply purchase a ‘promo code’ through select outlets in Trinidad and Tobago (see ‘Register Now’ link below for locations), and use the code to complete your registration online. Registration closes on November 3 in Tobago and November 10 in Trinidad. 

Runners can collect their Race Packages, inclusive of a SHINE t-shirt from November 18-22 in Trinidad, and on November 9 in Tobago. All runners will receive medals of participation upon completing their heat. 


Contact Guardian Group via email at or by calling 868-623-9578

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