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One of the great talents of my Italian cognata is her ability to prepare a four-course meal in less than an hour.

During an 8-day visit Sicily, I felt my waistline grow one inch thicker and for the fist time in my life I did not give a damn.

For Italians food is love, and refusal to partake in a course is almost an insult as I gleaned from my sister-in-law’s body language whenever I mentioned my weight.

On day two, I decided that when in Sicily I should do what the Sicilians do.

My meals consisted of  antipasto (a large variety of vegetables and cold meats like prosciutto) followed by pasta  and then  a meat or fish dish.


To end our daily gastronomic feast we were served dessert which sometimes consisted of fruit, cake or a slice of wonderful  tiramisu (oh the Americans don’t do justice to this coffee based dessert).

During our visit to Toamina, a patch of paradise 45 minutes away from where we stayed in Catania, I was introduced to granita, a typical Sicilian semi-frozen dessert made from sugar, water and various flavourings.


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Eaten with a brioscia (think of a sweet bun), which is dipped into its creamy top and enjoyed, granita turned into a daily sin!

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